Welcome to Osaka!

If you are coming to Osaka..
Our Sushi restaurant will definitely be the highlight of your trip!

About My restaurant/Access

Our Sushi Restaurant is Located in Kadoma- City Osaka.
It is little far from the heart of Osaka but definitely worth to visit!

The nearest station is Owada Station of Keihan line. please see the
Access page.

Here's how

Visit our restaurant directly or call
Phone number
072-882-3355 Please call "Oki"

or please contact us through E-mail :

*You don' need to make the reservation , so please feel free to vist us!
*When we have a big party, Our restaurant become customer's private placee(hired whole restaurant).
Therefore I suggest contact us before you are coming!


(Picture from Emma-san. from France..Thank you!)

Thank you for visiting Japan and Osaka!
also thank you for finding our sushi restaurant "Minayoshi"

Here are 8 reasons for recommend our sushi restaurant.

1. The dericious food and menu
The chef(Me) goes to fish market everyday and choose/buy the fish/ingredient
by myself. That is why our sushi/sashimi are so fresh!
I've been cooking since I was 18 and We offer a lot of dishes( see detail below) and menu are flexible.
You can ask "No wasabi!" "no raw fish!" "less rice!" any request available!

2. Better Price
The Conveyor belt sushi is certainly reasonable and interesting. However, if you are coming to Japan,
we recommend real sushi and delicious dishes made by long experienced sushi chef!
It is not really cheap but not expensive and reasonable!
Please read "Menu"below for more information!

3. The Chef can speaks English!
The chef(me) can speak english(may not "speak well " but yes I can!)
So you can ask me anything about sushi, Osaka, Japan, Japanese food , Sashimi so on.
and let's have a nice conversation with English freely!!
So please make yourself at home!

4. Long History in Osaka
Our small sushi restaunrant was established 1973(with my parents).
I took over the restaurant 20 years ago and then moved to current location.
I have 20 years ...and my mother has 60 years sushi ecperience.
We have 5 counter seats, 2 tatami private rooms.
over 40 years ago when I was a kidtatami roomcounter seats

5. Good Reputation
We received interviews from over 25 TV shows.
We have welcomed many celebrities.
Such as Actress, the manager of Lucasfilm and Cirque du Soleil and more!
with TV reporter(ex AKB48)shooting..Cirque du Soleil

TV reporters and comedians ,
TV reporters and comedians ,</FOnewswith local tv crew and wonderful customer from Chicago

6. Japanese vegetable carving (Mukimono)
Mukimono is a traditional Japanese cooking tequnick.
If you'ld like to, I'll make you some vegetable carving and wait for you(need reservation)
The towerRiver clabsCarrot darth vader
Do you want to know how to carve vegetable? visit my Youtube channel! MINAYOSHI

7.Sushi cake
This is also why I showed up on TV many times.
because I create Sushi cake in 2005 (I think I'm founder of it!)
and I've been making over 900 sushi cake so far.
sushi cakesushi cake2sushi cake with music

8. Omotenashi (hospitality)
I would like to all travelers who came to Osaka, to make good memories!
I really hope so and do my best for you!!!
So please do not hesitate to contact us!!

(tax are not included)

Omakase course

Course(reservation required)..... 3800y, 5000y
Nigiri set for Lunch.......900


Nigiri set .....850Yen/1100y(for night time)
Minayoshi set(premium sushi)....1800Yen
(every sushi set comes with 8 piece of Nigirii(10 for Minayoshi set), small appetizer ,Red miso soup and dessert)
Maki(one roll).............400y and many more!
nigiri_set minayoshi nigirimaki

Chirashi zushi.....850Yen
Aburi Sanma Nigiri....380y (autmun &winter only)
If you are with kids, I'll make micro nigiri sushi (feel free to ask anything!)
ChirashiSanma no aburimicro sushi for kids

There are a lot kind of sushi sushi and sushi!! feel free to contact my place!

A la carte

Very fresh Sashimi plate(recommended!).....1400y
Chawan mushi(hot non sweet pudding).........550y
Seafood Salad DX......900y
Sashimi plateChawanmushiseafood_sarad_900yen

vinagerd plate.... 700y
Sashimi plate and vegetable carving.....ask us!
Ankimo.............850y(only in winter)
vinagerd_plate_700yenLarge sashimi and vegetable carvingAnkimo

and more and more!

Take out and Delivery
Nigirii..... 850y
Temari zushi(reservation required)..... 900y
Delivery......Please ask us!!

more and more!


She is my mother.
she was born to the daughter of the sushi restaurant and she started her Sushi carrier when she was 15 years old because her parents past away.
Since then she work as sushi cook with her brother at their sushi restaurant.

At that time.....there was a very few woman's sushi chef exist when she grow up.
It must so difficult to survive but she work so hard! then....

Picture below: in some year of 1960's TV program "Today's menu"

Here is a news paper's pic When she took a part of sushi contest
sushi contest

Time flys...Now she already has more than 60 years sushi experience.
She make roll sushi faster than me still! (It is secret but he is 76 now)
She doesn't speak English but has a much hospitality just like me!

Her interests...
Karaoke! and Karaoke!
Picture from Karaoke show in sometime in 1980's

If it's allght with you, she can sing Japanese soul song anytime :)

Born in Osaka 1971.
I started my cooking career with French cuisine after graduation from high school.

I worked in Banquet/wedding palace "Taiko-en" in Osaka for five years and went to Toronto/Canada and
worked in the 3 Stars restaurant "Marcel's Bistro and Le Saint ropez" and "Markham Embassy suite hotel"

one year later, came back to Japan in 1996 and I worked in Inperial Hotel Osaka and
French restaurant in Nara.
My French career ended in 9 years and I took after my father's sushi restaurant in 1999.

Then I studied desperately in a different sushi restaurant and practiced hard at midnight and
learned a technique of sushi over and over.
It's been 18 years since I became sushi chef.

My interests
Sushi, Vegetable carving, wood burning and Star Wars!!

In 2013, I participated "Euro Carving Championship 2" in Russia/Moscow then showed
my Japanese style carving.

I Love Star Wars in my whole life!
I participated Star Wars Celebration in 2012,2015, 2017 then showed my Star Wars vegetable carving.
Interviewed at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Star Wars Show Live Day 4

Restaurat's Open time

18:00-22:30 ( you can stay later)

Day off Thursday

※Note!! We don't require the reservation but....
When we have a big party, We focus for it so we close the restaurant for the reservation.
Therefore, I suggest give us a call before you visit us!!

Here's how to book
Phone number
Please Contact us! *Please call "Oki"

or please contact us include those information. (copy and past recommended)
E-mail to :
Your Name:
Your Nationality:
Number of participants:
Contact Number or place where to stay while you're in Osaka:
then Visit our restaurant on time. Access page.

For more information
You can read more of my work at my blog written in English
-- My Sushi World

You can carve the vegetable like me
-- Minayoshi Youtube channel

Please feel free to follow
-- Minayoshi instaglam

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us!

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