Cooking School For
Foreigners and Sightseers
*sorry it's closed

If you are coming to Osaka,..
The lesson of Sushi from Sushi Chef will definitely be the highlight of your trip!

Are you searching the sushi restaurant in Osaka for dining out..
Please read our menu and visit restaurant for dinner or lanch!
Our menu (English)

Sorry, We close the lesson on August.

About My restaurant/Access

Our Sushi Restaurant is Located in Kadoma- City Osaka.

The nearest station is Owada Station of Keihan line. please see the Access page.


Thank you for visiting Japan and Osaka!
also Thank you for finding Oki's cooking Class English in Osaka.

Do you Love Sushi?
Have you ever thought that you would like to
learn how to make Sushi from sushi chef ?
Then you found the right place!

There are several reason why I started the cooking class for foreigners.
I've been to Kenya, France,Canada, Taiwan, Korea, America and Russia. The people were kind in country of any places.

Now I want you to enjoy special time in Japan, And I would like you to enjoy sushi and Japan
even after returning to your home country!

We provide the short cooking course below.(Complete in 1 day)
(Our kitchen is small, therefore one to three people of the participants is recommended)

★Traditional Sushi Course 7500yen per person (include 8% of consumption tax)
/How to ccok the sushi rice
/How to slice the fish
/How to make the sushi roll
/How to make the nigiri sushi (My style KOTE GAESHI)
/How to make Tamago maki/Gyoku (kind of Japanese Omelette)
First we'll show you how to cook, then now it is your turn! (^^)
You may think it is difficult, but simply learn how to make , and please challenge it again at your home!!

/After the lesson, have a lunch time with your sushi and our dessert(if you like) and tea or coffee!

★★Option ~ Japanese Vegetable Carving of "Mukimono" + 1500yen per person (include 8% of consumption tax) 
/several kind Mukimono of Cucumber
/Carrots dice and flowers
/Daikon slice for Sashimi

Abou us

(Picture from Emma-san.Thank you!)

Your instructors

I started my cooking career with French cuisine after graduation from high school.

I worked in Banquet/wedding palace "Taiko-en" in Osaka for five years and went to Toronto/Canada and
worked in the 3 Stars restaurant "Marcel's Bistro and Le Saint ropez" and "Markham Embassy suite hotel"

one year later, came back to Japan in 1996 and I worked in Inperial Hotel Osaka and
French restaurant in Nara.
My French career ended in 9 years and I took after my father's sushi restaurant in 1999.

Then I studied desperately in a different sushi restaurant and practiced hard at midnight and
learned a technique of sushi over and over.
It's been 18 years since I became sushi chef.

My interests
Sushi, Vegetable carving and Star Wars!!

In 2013, I participated "Euro Carving Championship 2" in Russia/Moscow then showed
my Japanese style carving.

I participated Star Wars Celebration in 2012,2015, 2017 then showed my Star Wars vegetable carving.
Interview at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017
Star Wars Show Live Day 4

Interview at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015

She is my mother.
she was born to the daughter of the sushi restaurant and she started her Sushi carrier when she was 15 years old because her parents past away.
Since then she work as sushi cook with her brother at their sushi restaurant.

At that time.....there was a very few woman's sushi chef exist when she grow up.
It must so difficult to survive but she work so hard! then....

Picture below: in some year of 1960's TV program "Today's menu"

Here is a news paper's pic When she took a part of sushi contest
sushi contest

Time flys...Now she already has more than 60 years sushi experience.
She doesn't speak English but has a much hospitality just like me!

Her interests...
Karaoke! and Karaoke!
Picture from Karaoke show in sometime in 1980's

If it's allght with you, she can sing Japanese soul song anytime :)

We open our class consecutively more than 15 weeks for a year.
Please choose the course and Contact us!

Open :Everyday except thursday.
Traditional Sushi Course :11:30AM-2:30PM include preparing and lunch time.
Option~vegetable carving + about 45 minute

We are usually open the sushi restaurant, so if we already have reservation on the day,
I'm afraid we can't open the class.
So let's adjust the date in consultation with us!

Here's how to book the class

1.Please Contact Us include those information. (copy and past recommended)
E-mail to :
(Our kitchen is small, therefore one to three people of the participants is recommended)
Your Name:
Your Nationality:
Number of participants:
Contact Number or place where to stay while you're in Osaka:
2.Visit our restaurant on time. Access page.
or Meet you at the Owada Station!

About Fee
★★★Traditional Sushi Course 7500yen per person (include 8% of consumption tax)
★★Option ~ Japanese Vegetable Carving of "Mukimono" + 1500yen per person (include 8% of consumption tax) 
Please pay the fee in cash on the day.(we don't accept credit card.sorry!)
Children under 12 years old is half price.

I'm afraid it seems little expensive but we prepare the real sushi ingredients and time.
The lessons will be great experience for you!

cancelation policy
If you cancel ,Please let me know 72 hours before the scheduled class!
*Unfortunately, some people cancel without say anything and haven't came...
which was so sad because once we have reservation, we refuse other reservation for it.
So please do not cancel without say anything!!

1.We prepare your towl,cutting board. knifes, apron and other cooking tools.
 So you don't need to bring anything.
2.I'll distribute the print of recipes to you.You can keep them and please try again when you go back to your home!

Thank you for the wonderful review Emma-san!  EATS TO WEST
Thank you for the wonderful review Nora-san!   on Tripadviser.

We were interviewed from over 20 TV programs and magazines company.

Here are our normal sushi works.

You can read more of my work at my blog written in English
-- My Sushi World

How to we make sushi cake

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us!

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